The Benefits of Remote Boiler Monitoring

Many commercial property managers and owners operate with an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude when it comes to the maintenance of their commercial boiler.

In the short-run, this might help in curbing costs, but what could happen down the road? Issues such as decreased boiler efficiency, costly breakdowns, and premature failure are on the rise.

Commercial boiler life expectancy is also falling- and many of those that should care simply accept this reality as a cost of doing business.

Perhaps it makes sense to let your old boiler die so that you can roll-out a new high-efficiency one.

Certainly, there are several business and social benefits for doing so such as:
• Reduced heating costs.
• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
• Increased profitability and competitiveness.

But as enticing as this may sound, high-efficiency commercial boilers have created a new challenge for the market.

Higher efficiency units have more fans, sensors, switches, relays, and electronics. With the increase in parts and components, the points of failure are significantly higher.

In addition, the computers/circuit boards in higher efficient units are far more prone to failure than older electrical/relay controls- and they cost a LOT more to fix when they do fail.

You can expect to pay twice as much for a contractor visit to address issues with a high-efficiency boiler.

Furthermore, you can also expect several more visits during its life-span.

Let’s also not forget the increased risk of contractor error. The prospect that you will pay for needless repairs or for things a contractor broke or fried due to lack of knowledge or training is very real.

Until recently, monitoring a boiler’s performance was easier said than done. But thanks to our Control Gateway with Email Alerts, all building stakeholders- especially down-market where technology adoption is limited or absent, can now reap the benefits reserved for those that have the money and resources to do so.

After receiving these alerts, not only would they help key stakeholders maintain peak operational efficiency, but also minimize costly repairs, boiler Down Time and arguably extend a boiler’s life.

Alarm Notification provides immediate notification, so that problem can be addressed immediately.

Maintaining a commercial boiler for the sake of those who rely on it to perform as intended is as essential as it is for a person with a heart problem to avoid the conditions that lead to a heart attack.

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Web Demo Versioning Layout

Web Demo Versioning Layout

 Version Added Element and What Page Affected
 1.1.0 Added Main Menu (AHU, Boilers, Chillers, Floor Layout)
Added Main Systems (AHU, Boilers, Chillers, Floor Layout)
 1.1.5 Added Lighting to Main Page with Logo
Added Lighting Control to System
 1.1.9 Added to System Managed Area
Adjusted Security for Managers to only see Managed Page
 1.2.0 Added Email Testing and Selections
Added Link to New Generated Web Page
 1.2.1 Added AHU Schedule on Main Page
Added AHU Status on Main Page
Added Version Control on Main Page
1.2.2 Finalized Logo on Main Page


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Why you need Integrated Smart Buildings and Us today

Smart buildings are no longer a dream of the future. The Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile devices, and mobile computing are forces shaping everything we do at work, at home, and at play and mostly your building automation system. At Castlepoint Inc. Controls, our commitment is to deliver building automation solutions that provide bulletproof quantifiable value now, and for decades to come.

Our solutions offer:

  • Differentiated improved experiences and the environmental controls that Customers want
  • High-performance buildings that offer greater occupant comfort, cost savings, and energy management
  • Knowledge you can use, through visual dashboards and reports
  • Best-in-class preventative maintenance – we’ll work with you for the long term to keep your building and its systems up to date
  • Whether your building is brand-new or under renewal, we will work with you to develop a strategy that offers you new opportunities for revenue, energy management, and operational cost savings.

Our building automation solutions are based on open standards and open-source software to ensure your building is ready for future evolutions in technology. This includes:

A common IT infrastructure to minimize traditional costs of installation and ownership.

No need for multiple networks to manage; minimize cabling and associated costs of installation and maintenance.

Integration of disparate systems: HVAC-R, energy, access, alarm, lighting, digital signage, and more.

Internet protocol (IP) enabled devices that increase bandwidth and speed for improved handling of big data, advanced analytics, and more detailed long-term trend logs. This means faster commissioning and system upgrades over time.

Custom Graphics with the ability to access your building securely and remotely allows your building(s) to be truly yours with the latest Internet Standards and Security to access from more than your computer at work. Imagine trying to replace one pump far away from the Automation Computer (on Site) and not worried about shutting down the whole system (causing down-time) because your can control the whole action securely from your smart phone at the location in real-time.

Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit, we invite you to contact us to discuss your building’s particular needs.

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